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To think that I used to dream of going to MIT

Dalrock, via Foseti, shows how the bullshit social “sciences” are destroying the reputation of good schools:

While I’m not a professor of economics from MIT, I do have a real degree in economics and an honorary PhD in red pill pharmacy.  Putting those two together allows me to explain what so frightens the good professor and the journalists quoting him.  To start with, they very much should be frightened by the shrinking wage gap, but not because men are ignoring market signals or are somehow unfit for the modern economy.  In fact, the problem is that men are slowly but surely starting to respond to market signals stemming from our radical overhaul of the family structure in recent decades. — Why aren’t men responding to economic signals?

So, the big MIT professor gets the story exactly wrong. That’s par for economists, more so for academics, but still, it’s frigging Em – Eye – Tee, ferchrissake!

A Reader, whose Alma Mater continued accreditation is always in danger, used to respect schools like Caltech, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, Berkeley, but it’s obvious that their reputation for being centers of thought cannot survive the rise of political correctness and the corruption in all the fields outside of hard sciences and engineering.