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Get your course credit here, no effort required

Via Captain Capitalism,* A Reader discovers how low universities have descended:

You will spend a lot of time on the Internet for this course, studying blogs, commenting on them, producing your own. We will also examine a number of print genres that might be considered precursors to blogs, including newspaper columns, diaries, journals, essays, pamphlets, miscellanies, and war reporting.  — ENGL 488B – Spring 2012 | English Department, University of Maryland.

How much do these kids pay to browse the web and blog? (These kids? Ha! The taxpayer will be on the hook for their student loans.) Perhaps this course should have a module on bussing tables and mopping floors, because that’s the job this education is preparing them for. But these kids will end up in the Occupy movement, complaining about the “system.”

Hey, geniuses, A Reader was repairing small electronics and appliances by 15; that’s called a trade, and it pays bills. A Reader got an engineering degree and went to work even before graduation, because that’s what people who know how to do things that create value in a productive economy do. And when A Reader decided to start blogging, it took 10 minutes to learn the basics of WordPress and set up everything necessary.

Learn something useful that can’t be picked up in ten minutes by a moderately smart kid (like A Reader’s colleagues’ children), or save yourself the money and start your MickeyD’s or Starbucks career today.

We will read around in new media studies (e.g., Jaron Lanier, Clay Shirky, Cass Sunstein) to help get a handle on where blogs fit into the mediascape of Web 2.0.

Yes, all those people blogging first had to read  Jaron Lanier (Who?), Clay Shirky (he’s ok, I guess), and commie centralist Cass “dogs should have the same rights as humans, but humans shouldn’t have any freedoms that I disagree with” Sunstein.

(* Captain Capitalism may be an economist, but  he’s not an idiot like the typical economist. Get his book to enjoy the decline. Another good economist to follow, despite being a finance guy and therefore parasitical on the productive system, is Peter Schiff.)