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Obama’s insulting salary stunt

When some bright-eyed recently minted engineer starts telling A Reader about how the new rich people like the Google founders are down-to-earth, drive small cars, etc, A Reader always points out how driving a small car when you use airliners as private planes and stash billions in offshore accounts isn’t comparable to driving a small car that is your only means of transportation and you have to work extra shifts to pay for it. This is what A Reader was reminded of when he saw:

Obama characterized his 5% as sharing the sacrifice that the sequester is forcing some public sector employees to make. It’s just not the same kind of sacrifice. He won’t even feel his sacrifice. And if he does, he can ease his tiny pains with another deluxe vacation and a few more concerts at the White House performed by whichever pop stars his daughters are enthusing over this month. — Althouse: “Obama’s insulting salary stunt.”.

The worst part is that the venal mass media will present this as a great sacrifice and an important and significant gesture, and the ruminant sheeple of the general public will agree.

Toynbee: politically incorrect, factually correct.

A Reader is about two-thirds into Leonard Susskind’s The Black Hole War, but decided to take a quick peek inside Toynbee’s first tome:

[W]hen a frontier between a more highly and a less highly civilized society ceases to advance, the balance does not settle down to a stable equilibrium but inclines, with the passage of time, in the more backward society’s favour. — Toynbee, Arnold J.; D.C. Somervell (1947-12-31). A Study of History: Abridgement of Volumes I-VI (p. 10). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

Can you imagine a current day teacher using the phrase A Reader bolded above?

Global coolin… no; ozone laye… no; global warmin… no; climate change!

If we made fractionating columns based on science with the quality of the environmentalists’ religion-of-the year “research,” we’d still be using whale oil for light and travel in coal-fired trains and ships:

Hansen underestimated the amount of CO2 that would be released into the atmosphere by 66%, but overestimated the warming that would result by 150%.  His “Scenario C” shown here (the one which almost maps to the actual recorded temperatures) assumed that there would be no increase in CO2 at all after 2000 —Borepatch: Politicized science.

Despite being proved wrong every single time, environmentalists encroach further and further into our freedoms with less and less oversight by the establishment media or real scientists. The power of science is that it can be used to predict and control Nature for human purposes. Because of that power, science gets special respect in Western Civilization, as the basis for our technological superiority.

When pseudoscience gets the same respect as real science, soon science loses to politics. And that’s what environmentalism has done: turn the institutions formerly of science against real science and use them to support political goals that undermine our civilization. It also uses political power to silence its critics, contrary to real science, which evolves by always questioning the status quo. Hence the saying the tragedy of science is the murder of beautiful theories by ugly facts.

Soon Steve Milloy will be sentenced to house arrest, but only after he recants his climate change denial — under threat of interrogation with harsh methods followed by burning at the stake.

Women make better decisions than men? WTF?

A Reader saw this on some discussion boards, but he thought it was an April Fools joke. Apparently not: Captain Capitalism posted it yesterday.

We’ve known for some time that companies that have more women on their boards have better results,” explains Bart. “Our findings show that having women on the board is no longer just the right thing but also the smart thing to do. Companies with few female directors may actually be shortchanging their investors. —Women make better decisions than men – DeGroote School of Business.

A Reader has always known that people in B-school are three types of retarded: seriously retarded students, terminally retarded teachers, and hopelessly retarded management. But apparently their “journals” are also retarded.

(B-Schools are like cargo cults: they copy the visible elements of scientific and technical fields— like statistics, mathematical models, technical-looking diagrams, and [what they call] experiments — but there is nothing solid at the bottom of it. Easy to prove: what would have happened if that same study had shown men to be superior to women in all managerial tasks? First, it would never be published; second, the authors would be fired and forever unemployable; third, more money would be given to women’s groups to apologize for the study. So the conclusion could only be one, even before the “research” started.)

Of course more successful companies have more women on the board. They also spend more on interior decorating, have more perks, more private jets, and managerial “retreats” at five-star resorts. The causality is they get successful first, then they start spending money on fashionable items. Women on boards are very fashionable, and good PR.

This bullshit continues:

Bart and McQueen found that male directors, who made up 75% of the survey sample, prefer to make decisions using rules, regulations and traditional ways of doing business or getting along. Female directors, in contrast, are less constrained by these parameters and are more prepared to rock the boat than their male counterparts.

These are the directors, who basically aren’t making decisions, they are laying down guidelines for the management. (You’d think these learned business professors would know the difference, but these idiots have never held a real job in their lives.) Men stick to rules and regulations, so they set guidelines that managers can rely on; women make arbitrary judgments, so the managers cannot trust the guidelines and must try to guess what women directors will like and hope they don’t rock the boat in the middle of some critical project.

Contact information is for a Julia Thomson, “manager of marketing.” No surprise there, women in business flock to marketing (lying and bullshit) and HR (HaRassing men), because finance needs math that they by and large can’t do (finance is evil and parasitical, but it’s all numbers) and operations is for serious people who usually have real experience in production under their belts, aka men.

The first rule of MGTOW

One of the projects A Reader finished this weekend were some custom-designed drawer inserts for his desk at work, to keep things organized. One of the other engineers saw A Reader installing them, and conversation naturally went to our manly hobbies. The other guy is married, so the conversation confirmed the value of being a MGTOW, over and over again.

  • We both like making stuff with our hands, but while A Reader had all weekend to do what he wanted, Married Engineer seldom gets any free time at home to do anything he wants. He spent most of the weekend waiting around in stores while his wife was shopping. If they ever have kids this guy will become a zombie.
  • A Reader has recently invested around $5,000 to upgrade some of the equipment in his workshop. Married Engineer said he could never get his wife to agree to that. Jesus Christ on a cracker! It’s HIS money that he earns; why doesn’t he assert some authority? I’m sure wifey spends a lot more of HIS money on her crap than $5k.
  • Married Engineer was very proud that he set up a corner of the basement to be his “man cave.” A Reader almost blew his top at the stupidity of that pride: it’s his house, why does he get a corner in the basement? And what’s with calling it a cave, as if men’s hobbies are those of cavemen? A workshop is a productive place, while a “sitting room” for the hens to cluck around is not. What’s done in a workshop is what got men out of caves; what women do in the sitting room is the same thing they did in caves.
  • A Reader told Married Engineer that he might take a few vacation days and fly to the Left Coast to attend the big Maker Faire. Married Engineer said he could never “get that approved.” That’s his phrase, like his wife at home is one of the managers at work who approves our travel requests. Could this guy be more whipped? Game theorists would extrapolate that most of what he does with his hands at home happens in the bathroom.

A Reader nodded through most of Married Engineer’s side of the conversation, since the first rule of MGTOW is we don’t talk about MGTOW. Not to blue-pillers, and definitely not at work. Married Engineer is a nice kid; A Reader will feel sorry for him when his wife divorces him and destroys his life because she “was bored.”


Or, if you know how to decode that: a mob of feral black men and women with ages between 10 and 80.

Things started turn bad around 6:00 p.m. Saturday, with teens purposely bumping into people, and causing fights among themselves. —Teen Mob Action Takes Over Chicago’s Gold Coast « CBS Chicago.

A Reader enjoyed a day in his workshop, finishing up a couple of projects and clearing space for new ones. Many married men would have been dragged into “nice” shopping areas of their town, where these “teens” tend to attack. Ah, MGTOW.

Aurini on North Korea, Nuclear War, Cyprus Crysis

A Reader, slowly recovering from last night’s drinking* finds Aurini in great shape:

The best and brightest men of our generation are adrift – “behave like women, or get fired from your job” the HR harassment industry tells them – so either they suppress their souls or walk away.  Culturally we’ve lost our spirit, the mass consumption of Hollywood pap being the closest thing we have to a culture — Stares at the World » North Korea, Nuclear War, Cyprus Crysis.

Few people get the conflicting needs of working engineers and line managers: communicating with people who didn’t finish high school on one side and walking on eggshells to keep the HR harridans happy on the other is a high-wire act.

Read the rest here.

* Great thing about going your own way: no one to bother me for the drinking or nag me during the recovery. My weekend is my own, for my hobbies! No family means no need to worry about making extra cash consulting on the side and no driving duties (“take Pubert to karate at 9 and Roslina to ballet at 10, come back to take me to brunch with the Nelsons, take Pubert from karate to his play date at the Robertsons…”). I could go on, but I’d be going for a while.

The Deconstruction of Marriage

Sultan Knish writes:

Gay marriage is not about men marrying men or women marrying women, it is about the deconstruction of marriage between men and women — via The Deconstruction of Marriage.

All activities of the left are about the deconstruction of the foundations of Western Civilization: religion, marriage and family, value of productive work, national values.  Gays are just the latest lever applied for that purpose.

A Reader took the red pill, so for him the end of the concept of marriage came from no-fault divorce, family court biases, and domestic violence legislation that assumes the husband guilty by default. In A Reader’s opinion, since marriage is already a meaningless institution, if gays want to get married and invite the state into their private relationship, exposing themselves to divorce law, family court, and domestic violence legislation, that’s their horrible mistake to make. The more people go through that particular meat grinder, the more people will take the red pill.

Later in the same piece:

There are two ways to destroy a thing. You can either run it at while swinging a hammer with both hands or you can attack its structure until it no longer means anything. […]

The question on the table is whether the institutions that give us meaning will be allowed to retain that meaning. And that question is a matter of survival. Societies cannot survive without definitions. Peoples do not go on existing through the act of occupying space. The deconstruction of identity is also the destruction of identity.


A minor point that Aurini skipped

Aurini writes, in Schelling Points & the Catholic Church:

Pope Benedict’s resignation seems to have been driven by the attempts to prosecute him for the Priest Molestation scandal (and let’s keep things in perspective; children are still 100 times safer around a Priest than a School Teacher – let alone a Social Worker [the original report – long and boring for you]), which is all the more of a loss since he did so much to clear out the Liberal, and possibly Marxist priests from the Church. RTWT

A Reader is a devout atheist (though not a member of the Atheistkult), but he can’t avoid noticing that almost all cases of Priest Molestation involved boys, i.e., the priests involved were not just pedophiles, they were gay pedophiles. So here are the questions few people thought to ask:

  • Do priests have a higher incidence of pedophilia than the general population of men? (Despite the ongoing narrative, the correct answer is no — as Aurini points out in the excerpt above.)
  • Do gay men have a higher incidence of pedophilia than the general population of men? (A Reader doesn’t know the answer, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s yes.)

A Reader has nothing against homosexuals, and enjoys their contributions to culture and the arts; he further notes that very few homosexuals are pedophiles. Also, the behavior of the Church’s hierarchy in the whole story was inexcusable and revealed the rot and corruption therein.

Still, the questions above are about relative incidence: basically, which of the two descriptors, gay or priest, is more informative, even if either is a weak predictor of the behavior? What A Reader finds revealing is that the corporate media emphasizes the priest dimension of the molestation and deemphasizes the gay dimension, when the most likely answer is that gay is a better (albeit still very weak) predictor of molestation than priest.

It’s almost as if the corporate media were deliberately trying to bring attention to, and heap derision upon, one of the foundations of Western Civilization, the Catholic Church, while distracting from something that might support conservative positions.

Surely they wouldn’t do that on purpose.