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Women hold up half the sky? That’s so cute, dearie

A Reader took a short break from 1040ing his earnings to Uncle Sam to eat lunch and browse the web and found yet another example of the pointlessness of MRAs:

Having stripped off the cardboard placards, they now carried 4 foot long 2 inch by 1 inch wide wooden sticks which they used in unison to hammer on the floor in tempo with a chant of: “MRA’s telling lies! We wont fall for your disguise!! Boom boom boom.” Those without wooden clubs kicked doors and lockers, matching those hammering the floor with wooden clubs, and shouting: “We wont fall for your disguise!”, while wearing bandanas and black balaclavas. — Did you know women hold up half the sky? | A Voice for Men.

MRAs are like Libertarian Party libertarians, they think that reason, facts, and discussion can achieve something against entrenched power, the dominant narrative, and the zero-knowledge general public. Good luck with that. MGTOW makes much more sense; like the Eternal Bachelor tagline used to say, give western women the husband they deserve: none.

Roosh, making a similar point:

Instead of taking real action with their lives, MRAs are hoping the government will one day serve their interests and give them things that me and my readers are achieving on their own. I don’t need the government to pass laws against alimony. I simply won’t marry in the USA. I don’t need the government to pass laws promoting fair child custody laws. I won’t impregnate an America girl. I don’t need the government to increase punishment for false rape accusers. I’ll cover my own back.

Close, but the way laws are written, interacting with a female in the West can make you a criminal on her say-so. This is why A Reader is weary of PUAs; they are leading men down a path filled with legal landmines.

The Real Cost of Women in the Workplace

Thinking like an economist, a MGTOW forum poster makes the same mistakes they do:

A woman being hired over a man almost always costs the company more money and returns less revenue. Women, due to biology, are going to miss more work, work less hours, and statistically will work fewer years than a comparably educated and experienced man would — The Opportunity Cost of Twats.

A Reader and his faithful Tennessee friend Jack know the real costs of hiring women into productive companies: instead of fitting themselves to the workplace, they force the workplace to fit to them, disrupting operations and threatening sexual harassement or discrimination lawsuits anytime something doesn’t go their way. That is the real cost. The economics blather above is the rounding error.

Warning: hamster on steroids

A Reader was browsing the MGTOW boards and found an example of the nonsense inside empowered women’s skulls. This is a 58-year-old, a grandmother, writing in Salon:

Some people my age — extreme middle-age —

What a great start: grandmother, almost 60, but sure let’s call it middle age. Let’s ignore the difference between how men age and how women age, too. After all, we’re all the same, biologically, aren’t we? What’s half a chromosome between friends?

train for marathons, or paddle down the Amazon, skydive, or adopt. They publish for the first time. Me? I may have done the most heroic thing of all. I went on for a year.

A Reader got through college on a track scholarship (and working part-time repairing appliances), so when people talk about “running” marathons in 5 or 6 hours he can barely keep a straight face. And these people who start “running” marathons in their old age are usually idiots: it’s the new thing, and they are all herd-followers, to the last one. Think “different” as long as your “different” is exactly the same as everyone else’s.

Still, running, skydiving, or kayaking need effort and/or skill. Apparently joining is all she could do, and in her mind that’s more heroic than any of the activities that actually require effort and/or skill. Typical.

I rarely missed sex: I had tiny boundary issues in all those years of drinking, and by my early 20s I had used up my lifelong allotment.

Another carousel-rider wants a chump to settle with. Only, about 28 years later than usual. For some reason women don’t understand that men may want to sleep with the sluts — though in this time of antibiotic-resistant STDs men are starting to rethink their choices, slut-wise — but they don’t want to settle with one.

I have spent approximately 1,736 hours of this one precious life waiting for the man to finish [sex], and pretending that felt good. And I want a refund.

My my my, a frigid woman faking orgasms, in this day and age. I’m sure that will work out well for her victims dates.

In four-fifths of [marriages she knows of], the men want to have sex way more often than the women do. I would say almost none of the women would care if they ever got laid again, even when they are in good marriages.

Perhaps she is projecting from her own sexual inadequacies, but there’s no doubt that men seem to want it more than women.

[Women] do it because it makes the men like them more, and feel close for a while, but mostly women love it because they get to check it off their to-do lists. It means they get a pass for a week or two, or a month.

The sex lives of married people, clearly worth giving up your bachelor freedom for. Consider the trade-off: you give up your freedom to do whatever you want in your own time and with your own money, become financially liable for someone else, and in return you get the same one half-hearted vanilla bump a week, a fortnight, or a month. (Close your eyes and think of Alexis Texas doing Belladonna.) Really, that’s what she’s saying.

(I know, I know, there’s that whole “love” part of the relationship too. And if you buy that, A Reader has some shares in the Brooklyn Bridge he’s selling at a great price.)

And the women are not crazy about the men’s secret Internet porn lives.

Yes… It’s unsurprising that they wouldn’t want to compete against a medium servicing all possible fantasies, with hot young (of legal age) women excited about satisfying a man’s every possible desire. Just like the guy in the corner store with tiny selection of overpriced merchandize doesn’t like

A 60-year-old man does not fantasize about a 60-year-old woman. A 70-year-old man might. And an 80-year-old — ooh-la-la.

A 60-year-old man, a 70-year-old man, a 80-year-old man, and a 90-year-old man, all fantasize about two or more young (of legal age) women, perhaps a trio of 21-year-old petite thai masseuses who appreciate an experienced man. Fetishists aside, no healthy man fantasizes about 60-year old women. Do people who fantasize about being great athletes fantasize about getting bronze medals? No. It’s a fantasy, you always get the gold and break the world record.

People are damaged and needy and narcissistic. I sure am.

She’s certainly damaged to the point of demented.

Richmond San Rafael Bridge

Ok, she’s one of those nuts from Frisco. A Reader has visited the area several times for work, and his assessment is that people there are generally nuts and women over 30 are totally bananas. Very fruity city.

It’s a pity, because when A Reader was a kid, California was a great state, full of future promise, with the aerospace and electronics industries, but sometime in the 70s it went down the drain.

Apparently she managed to go out with a “highly cultured, a creative venture capitalist,” who seemed to know a little game because he didn’t call her back for five days. A Reader is guessing the guy wasn’t going to call at all. She obviously did the female thing and complained about it:

My friends were great. They turned on the man immediately.

Yeah… that really makes her sound like the kind of gal a man wants a relationship with; controlling, bitchy, and with a greek chorus of friends to tell her she’s always right.

Then I met a man who was as far to the left as I am, in the weeks before the presidential election! Heaven. He was English also.

Go be lefty in your country, limey. There’s plenty of Americans who attack the foundations on which this country was built, we don’t need to import others. That goes for you too, Piers Morgan, Daily Kos, and Arianna Huffington. A Reader has nothing against foreigners, but even if you naturalize, can you please wait a generation before you start attacking our country? There are plenty of people around the world who would love to come live here and defend the principles that made this country great. A Reader would trade all the Friscans and other assorted California libertards for these people, and then it might be a great state again.

(Full disclosure: A Reader voted for Reagan both times.)

Back to the article:

We both wanted mates. But then I got it, that my horrible friends were right, and he didn’t feel physical with me.

Someone posted her photo to a discussion board. There isn’t enough Kentucky firewater in the world to make A Reader “feel physical” with her. In fact, after seeing that photo, the idea of a man having sex with her made A Reader lose his appetite for dinner.

She plays a few more mind games and comes up snake eyes, but handles it well:

After four days of silence, I wrote to say that I guessed it wasn’t going to happen. He wrote back that yes, this was probably true; it had felt friendly but not romantic. Now he is my mortal enemy.

Ah, just kidding, she can’t take rejection like a grown-up; but at least the guy didn’t get a false rape accusation or a VAWA-sanctioned psychological violence assault charge.

Did she learn from her experience, at least?

To have gone out so many times took almost everything I had, and then I didn’t even meet the right man. You start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you.   Nah.

No, it’s the rest of the world that’s wrong: all the men, all of western civilization, all of biology, and even the least deluded of her friends. It’s the female version of Occam’s razor: the right answer is the one that makes the woman’s self esteem the highest. The delusions of these empowered women really are the best reason to go your own way.

Women make better decisions than men? WTF?

A Reader saw this on some discussion boards, but he thought it was an April Fools joke. Apparently not: Captain Capitalism posted it yesterday.

We’ve known for some time that companies that have more women on their boards have better results,” explains Bart. “Our findings show that having women on the board is no longer just the right thing but also the smart thing to do. Companies with few female directors may actually be shortchanging their investors. —Women make better decisions than men – DeGroote School of Business.

A Reader has always known that people in B-school are three types of retarded: seriously retarded students, terminally retarded teachers, and hopelessly retarded management. But apparently their “journals” are also retarded.

(B-Schools are like cargo cults: they copy the visible elements of scientific and technical fields— like statistics, mathematical models, technical-looking diagrams, and [what they call] experiments — but there is nothing solid at the bottom of it. Easy to prove: what would have happened if that same study had shown men to be superior to women in all managerial tasks? First, it would never be published; second, the authors would be fired and forever unemployable; third, more money would be given to women’s groups to apologize for the study. So the conclusion could only be one, even before the “research” started.)

Of course more successful companies have more women on the board. They also spend more on interior decorating, have more perks, more private jets, and managerial “retreats” at five-star resorts. The causality is they get successful first, then they start spending money on fashionable items. Women on boards are very fashionable, and good PR.

This bullshit continues:

Bart and McQueen found that male directors, who made up 75% of the survey sample, prefer to make decisions using rules, regulations and traditional ways of doing business or getting along. Female directors, in contrast, are less constrained by these parameters and are more prepared to rock the boat than their male counterparts.

These are the directors, who basically aren’t making decisions, they are laying down guidelines for the management. (You’d think these learned business professors would know the difference, but these idiots have never held a real job in their lives.) Men stick to rules and regulations, so they set guidelines that managers can rely on; women make arbitrary judgments, so the managers cannot trust the guidelines and must try to guess what women directors will like and hope they don’t rock the boat in the middle of some critical project.

Contact information is for a Julia Thomson, “manager of marketing.” No surprise there, women in business flock to marketing (lying and bullshit) and HR (HaRassing men), because finance needs math that they by and large can’t do (finance is evil and parasitical, but it’s all numbers) and operations is for serious people who usually have real experience in production under their belts, aka men.

The first rule of MGTOW

One of the projects A Reader finished this weekend were some custom-designed drawer inserts for his desk at work, to keep things organized. One of the other engineers saw A Reader installing them, and conversation naturally went to our manly hobbies. The other guy is married, so the conversation confirmed the value of being a MGTOW, over and over again.

  • We both like making stuff with our hands, but while A Reader had all weekend to do what he wanted, Married Engineer seldom gets any free time at home to do anything he wants. He spent most of the weekend waiting around in stores while his wife was shopping. If they ever have kids this guy will become a zombie.
  • A Reader has recently invested around $5,000 to upgrade some of the equipment in his workshop. Married Engineer said he could never get his wife to agree to that. Jesus Christ on a cracker! It’s HIS money that he earns; why doesn’t he assert some authority? I’m sure wifey spends a lot more of HIS money on her crap than $5k.
  • Married Engineer was very proud that he set up a corner of the basement to be his “man cave.” A Reader almost blew his top at the stupidity of that pride: it’s his house, why does he get a corner in the basement? And what’s with calling it a cave, as if men’s hobbies are those of cavemen? A workshop is a productive place, while a “sitting room” for the hens to cluck around is not. What’s done in a workshop is what got men out of caves; what women do in the sitting room is the same thing they did in caves.
  • A Reader told Married Engineer that he might take a few vacation days and fly to the Left Coast to attend the big Maker Faire. Married Engineer said he could never “get that approved.” That’s his phrase, like his wife at home is one of the managers at work who approves our travel requests. Could this guy be more whipped? Game theorists would extrapolate that most of what he does with his hands at home happens in the bathroom.

A Reader nodded through most of Married Engineer’s side of the conversation, since the first rule of MGTOW is we don’t talk about MGTOW. Not to blue-pillers, and definitely not at work. Married Engineer is a nice kid; A Reader will feel sorry for him when his wife divorces him and destroys his life because she “was bored.”


Or, if you know how to decode that: a mob of feral black men and women with ages between 10 and 80.

Things started turn bad around 6:00 p.m. Saturday, with teens purposely bumping into people, and causing fights among themselves. —Teen Mob Action Takes Over Chicago’s Gold Coast « CBS Chicago.

A Reader enjoyed a day in his workshop, finishing up a couple of projects and clearing space for new ones. Many married men would have been dragged into “nice” shopping areas of their town, where these “teens” tend to attack. Ah, MGTOW.

Women in Science and Science Fiction

A Reader likes Charles Stross’ cyberpunk books, but his blog borders on idiotic (he’s a Scots nationalist and a socialist; apparently he never noticed what joining socialism and nationalism means).  Now the blog has jumped the shark, as Stross is on vacation and two women are blogging there. Behold their logic:

Both male and female scientists are more likely to hire a male than a female. “Analyses indicated that the female student was less likely to be hired because she was viewed as less competent” — although the study design had presented candidates with identical qualifications. —Off the Map: Women in Science and Science Fiction.

The post suggests that this is due to discrimination against women, but A Reader things that there are much more likely reasons:

  1. Given a male and a female with similar academic qualifications, anyone familiar with the admissions policy and grading in college will figure out that the male had to work much harder for his qualifications. Women get priority admission, get nerds to help with course work, and if they don’t like the grade can always raise the threat of a sexual discrimination complaint against the teachers.
  2. Men don’t feel entitled to act like complete a-holes for a week out of every month, don’t get pregnant in the middle of the grant period, and don’t break down in tears at the first sign of criticism. Generally men also have a lot less downtime from various ailments, are less likely to be on psychoactive medications or require professional psychological assistance, or break down under pressure. Biology makes no apology.
  3. Men can be fired for incompetence without much fuss. Man can be threatened with dismissal if they aren’t pulling their weight. Neither can be done to women, unless the lab director is willing to spend his or her time explaining himself or herself to a number of committees and working groups, many of which without any semblance of due process. In the limit, a simple accusation of sexism over social media will live forever on the internet, so a future employer for the lab director will always see it and wonder.

A Reader also notices that when men who work in the sciences and engineering, or are fans of science fiction, get together and talk or write about science, engineering, or science fiction, they talk or write about science, engineering, or science fiction. When women who work in the sciences and engineering, or are fans of science fiction, get together and talk or write about science, engineering, or science fiction, they talk or write about the issues of women in science, women in engineering, or women in science fiction.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle describes my ideal club

Sherlock Holmes takes Dr. Watson to meet his brother Mycroft at the Diogenes Club:

There are many men in London, you know, who, some from shyness, some from misanthropy, have no wish for the company of their fellows. Yet they are not averse to comfortable chairs and the latest periodicals. It is for the convenience of these that the Diogenes Club was started, and it now contains the most unsociable and unclubable men in town. No member is permitted to take the least notice of any other one. Save in the Stranger’s Room, no talking is, under any circumstances, allowed, and three offences, if brought to the notice of the committee, render the talker liable to expulsion. My brother was one of the founders, and I have myself found it a very soothing atmosphere. — The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter.

Small talk is overrated but with the progressive feminization of the workplace, almost unavoidable.

Eternal Bachelor’s sunday – for posterity

The following is a post from the original Eternal Bachelor blog, now offline, posted on July 31st, 2005. It’s one of A Reader’s favorite MGTOW posts and showed A Reader he was not the only man going his own way. It may be hard to remember now, but in the mid-2000s there wasn’t a lot of talk about going your own way; most of the Androsphere was about men’s rights and picking up girls, neither interesting me. A Reader had been quietly living the MGTOW lifestyle for more than a decade by then, but had no idea that other people did too.

Eternal Bachelor – 31 July 2005: My Day

If you are a married guy, the chances are that you’re only reading this during a brief pause in listening to your wife’s whining. “That toilet needs unblocking, help me with dinner, hurry up laying that patio, kiss my rosy arsehole, etc.”

Being a bachelor, my Sunday is very, very relaxing compared to that of a married man.

Thanks to going to bed at 5:30AM after a relaxing night of surfing the internet and watching porn, I slept in a little bit late this morning. It was actually the afternoon – 12:25PM to be exact – when I finally sat up in bed, yawning and scratching my big bachelor nuts. There’s no woman next to me to tell me to shift out of bed at 7:00AM and mow the fucking lawn. Admittedly I don’t have a woman in bed with me to have sex with, but given that about 1-in-5 marriages are sexless and the rest involve sex only on her terms (i.e. when you’ve just bought her a new dress) the chances are that many married men reading this have had to satisfy themselves like I do, with a quick meeting with Madam Palm and her Five Lovely Daughters. Except, as a bachelor, I can indulge in the pleasures of onanism in the living room without having to worry about some Nagmonster barging in and shrieking “OMG! WTF! You disgusting pervert!”

So, anyway, I’m up at half-twelve. I had a nice cigarette whilst checking my e-mails. Then I had a coffee and another cigarette whilst playing a bit of Soldier of Fortune II until I got bored of shooting virtual people’s virtual brains out. A nice big fry-up followed. Mmmm…sausages and bacon. Are women more likely to be vegetarians? I’ve heard they are. I’ve known guys who pitifully give up meat just because their ‘missus’ is a veggie. Meat is good. Meat is tasty! Yes, I know full well that an animal died to provide the juicy slabs of bacon on my toast this morning, and I salute that dead animal for its brave sacrifice in the service of providing nice breakfasts. I’ll salute its sacrifice again tomorrow when I fry and eat the bastard’s other arse cheek.

Come two o’clock and I’m down at the local supermarket. I bought some booze, hamburgers, potatoes, bacon and waffles. I also bought some pizza that, right at this moment in time, I’m currently stuffing into my mouth. Munch munch. I’m also currently watching Beavis & Butthead. I downloaded a few episodes via BitTorrent the other day. It’s not even six and I’m pleasantly drunk, eating pizza and watching some great comedy. What’s planned for this evening? I’ll probably have a nice relaxing bath and read Viz whilst I’m soaking in the tub. Then I’ll probably have a few more glasses of wine and watch some of the many South Park and The Simpsons episodes that are lying around the Hard Drives of my five computers. Also, I’ve just reinstalled Deus Ex and I’d like to play some of that too. Who knows what the future may bring? Whatever I want it to, that’s what.

If I was married I would probably be standing in a stupid department store right now, looking at my watch and tutting whilst the wife decides which dress she’s only going to wear once she wants to buy with my fucking money!

But I’m not married. I’m an eternal bachelor. To put it another way, I’m eternally happy and free.

To think that I used to dream of going to MIT

Dalrock, via Foseti, shows how the bullshit social “sciences” are destroying the reputation of good schools:

While I’m not a professor of economics from MIT, I do have a real degree in economics and an honorary PhD in red pill pharmacy.  Putting those two together allows me to explain what so frightens the good professor and the journalists quoting him.  To start with, they very much should be frightened by the shrinking wage gap, but not because men are ignoring market signals or are somehow unfit for the modern economy.  In fact, the problem is that men are slowly but surely starting to respond to market signals stemming from our radical overhaul of the family structure in recent decades. — Why aren’t men responding to economic signals?

So, the big MIT professor gets the story exactly wrong. That’s par for economists, more so for academics, but still, it’s frigging Em – Eye – Tee, ferchrissake!

A Reader, whose Alma Mater continued accreditation is always in danger, used to respect schools like Caltech, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, Berkeley, but it’s obvious that their reputation for being centers of thought cannot survive the rise of political correctness and the corruption in all the fields outside of hard sciences and engineering.