Aurini on North Korea, Nuclear War, Cyprus Crysis

A Reader, slowly recovering from last night’s drinking* finds Aurini in great shape:

The best and brightest men of our generation are adrift – “behave like women, or get fired from your job” the HR harassment industry tells them – so either they suppress their souls or walk away.  Culturally we’ve lost our spirit, the mass consumption of Hollywood pap being the closest thing we have to a culture — Stares at the World » North Korea, Nuclear War, Cyprus Crysis.

Few people get the conflicting needs of working engineers and line managers: communicating with people who didn’t finish high school on one side and walking on eggshells to keep the HR harridans happy on the other is a high-wire act.

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* Great thing about going your own way: no one to bother me for the drinking or nag me during the recovery. My weekend is my own, for my hobbies! No family means no need to worry about making extra cash consulting on the side and no driving duties (“take Pubert to karate at 9 and Roslina to ballet at 10, come back to take me to brunch with the Nelsons, take Pubert from karate to his play date at the Robertsons…”). I could go on, but I’d be going for a while.