California, boldly adopting 19th century transportation ideas

People on the Left Coast voted for economic suicide, at the local, state, and national levels, so few things coming from that side of the country surprise A Reader. California’s decision to build a “high speed” rail connection between Frisco and LA was just another example of massive stupidity to add to the collection. It seems that they also have administration problems, as the Antiplaner reports:

The real problem is not that they may hire poorly trained workers but that few of the people in charge really have any idea what they are doing. This would be by far the most expensive state public works project in history, and it is dubious whether any public bureaucracy can effectively handle this much responsibility.— More California HSR Follies | The Antiplanner.

The real problem, in A Reader’s opinion, is that California would be (will be?) making an investment in the 19th century transportation model, as if the 20th century one, the newfangled tech of “aeroplanes,” wasn’t much faster and cheaper to extend.

Trains are great tools of the centralizer, the collectivizer, as they require fixed infrastructure, limit flexibility, and require people to surrender individuality in many ways (schedule, privacy, convenience). Some of these also apply to planes, especially to commercial aviation, but not to private cars, which is why leftists hate the car so much.