Roosh interviews Captain Capitalism

Read The Whole Thing.  A Reader especially likes the end:

I will continue to point out the absurdity of both religions (leftism and feminism) not just to increase the blood pressure of their adherents, but do what I can to help the younger generations avoid the fate that most leftists and feminists suffer. I also plan on living my life to it’s maximum level of enjoyment and fun. Not just for my sake, but to lead by example and provide people not so much “hope” as much as it is some general guidelines or advice that will make their lives easier. Besides, nothing angers a feminist or a socialist more than a bachelor who refuses to work, refuses to pay taxes, refuses to have children, refuses to “work for the commune,” and instead lives life solely for himself, achieving things they never will. —via 5 Questions With Captain Capitalism.

A Reader keeps declining “consulting” gigs (on top of his job), since he’d keep only half of the pay, he doesn’t need much money for the same reason as the Captain, and he’d rather spend his free time building stuff in his workshop and learning new skills.