Because of a dongle joke

A Reader was trying to avoid any references to Donglegate.

Unfortunately, A Reader is a working engineer and therefore has to suffer under know-nothing MBAs who substitute quick adoption of every business fad for actual knowledge and leadership. And, as Donglegate unfolded, a parallel universe of sensitivity training and diversity workshops appeared, Big Bang-like. A fad was born and idiot MBAs (redundant, I know) are buying. With other people’s money, of course.

People with turnip-level IQs and kindergarten understanding of production systems are hired to tell engineers and technicians – 80-90% men – how to change everything in their job and culture to accomodate women. A Reader has no idea how computer chips, fractionating columns, or CNC milling machines can tell the sex of their operator; perhaps the diversity turnips can explain that.

(Probably not a good idea to ask that question directly.)

MBA idiots in charge love this kind of activity: it’s what they were “taught” in “business” “school,” looks good on a resume, sounds sophisticated at parties, and above all there’s no direct way to measure its effects. Much better than old-style management — usually the job of promoted line engineers — basically a mix of operations research and logistics. Too much like engineering, too many chances to do something measurably wrong.

Expect a report of this preposterous activity soon.