Alumni Magazine Fun

A Reader’s Alma Mater, a center of leftist indoctrination with a side of graduate student exploitation (a/k/a the people who teach the undergraduates and go into life-long debt paying for the privilege), prints and mails to every former undergraduate a quarterly glossy magazine.

Like every alumni magazine, ours begins with a letter from the President, asking us to “donate, donate, donate.” Sorry, that was the translation. What is says is “engage with the school, invest in future, contribute to the community.”

Oh, yes! A Reader wants to contribute to the seven-digit pay of sports coaches while exercise facilities for non-athlete students are open ever shorter hours and amateur sports are cancelled to fit Title IX.

A Reader wants to invest in the brand new building for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Practices while the hoods in the century-old chemistry labs don’t work – what’s the harm of a few toxic fumes, after all?

A Reader wants to engage with the diversicrats that hound the Engineering School about its lack of women and non-asian minorities – as if that didn’t happen in every college from U. of Phoenix to Columbia.

Online education can’t exterminate this system fast enough. Then only the sciences and engineering will be left, because in those you still use real labs and workshops and still need teachers who are chosen for their understanding of physical reality.

That will be a happy day.