Potemkin Women, by Captain Capitalism

The author of Enjoy The Decline, Aaron Clarey, better known as Captain Capitalism, on American women:

[A]fter getting married, divorced, and having no real skills to fall back on, not to mention, they’re getting older, the 30 something Potemkin Woman puts on her best act.  She wears the clothes she can’t afford, starts the business that has no hope, parades a reputation that has no truth, all in the hopes of being given one more chance at attention, money, love, and/or status.

In the coasts, particularly in big cities like NYC, Boston, and San Francisco, the Captain is off by a decade. It’s not uncommon to find women in their “late forties,” also known as mid-fifties for those of us who know rudimentary math, behaving as if they were still twenty-five.

Hint, ladies (never a word was so incorrectly applied): acting like a twenty-year-old airhead at forty-plus doesn’t make you look young and vibrant; it makes you look pathetic and desperate.

The Captain again:

There was 29 year old lawyer who made junior partner in record time and wouldn’t even consider dating men who made less than her (including yours truly), only to end up alone at a bar a decade later with a mean scowl on her face that would scare away any man.

In A Reader’s most considered opinion, any man willing to date a female lawyer in the US is taking an enormous risk, usually with minimal potential reward.